Kathy’s Kreme Ale is our refreshing Cream Ale. It is a
clean, crisp, and easy-drinking session ale. Light in color
but not light in taste. This ale is a great anytime beer and a
nice entry point for someone new to craft beers.
$6/pint  $5/Belgian glass


Ehret’s Amber Ale is named after George Ehret, founder of
Hell Gate Brewery and distant relative of George’s. The
specialty malts are balanced with just enough bitterness to
produce a traditional amber ale that is dark red in color with
a malty sweetness and a moderate caramel flavor. It has a
rich mouth feel that is extremely smooth and drinkable.
$6/pint  $5/Belgian glass



Out-of-Seitz Scotch Ale is a strong, full-bodied ale with a
sweet, malty backbone, and a deep burnished garnet color.
The mild hopping enhances its slight toasted character. Be
careful with this one; it goes down very smooth.
$6/pint  $5/Belgian glass


Knockout Stout is a sweet stout. The dark roasted malts
give this ale notes of caramel, chocolate, and coffee.
$6/pint  $5/Belgian glass


Tainted Haze IPA

This beer is our “version” of the NE style IPA which many refer to as juice bombs.  Although cloudy in nature, the aroma is of orange juice and tropical fruits, this beer finishes extremely well. It comes in at 85 IBU and 6.5% ABV.

$7/pint  $6/Belgian glass